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April 14th, 2011 | by admin |

Ok, 2day i registered 2 many sites to keep my web alias up2date, and guess what, every page or services offers some kind of shortcut url to make your page findable.

But now comes the most shocking – every1 except – guess what – yeah you got it – FACEBOOK.

I’ts kinda strange how so many people use this site as their main daily resource, but it seems noone is caring about vanity URL’s. 2 get one you just have 2 activate your phone which is actually not working!
Strange as google uses the same service for new google mail signups, and the message drops in just seconds after you request it.

I’ll leave this post now, just as it is,

UPDATE 20.04.2011 – 23:07
looks like my prayers have been heard – enjoy ->

stay milked :)

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